2008 Annual Report
Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Deepening Our Impact: Education

Walk down the fishery ecosystem research wing in our lab and every door is decorated with multiple lobster "tattoos." Every student visiting the Cohen Center for Interactive Learning receives a temporary tattoo depicting the LabVenture! program's signature larval lobster icon. Each time our scientists make a guest presentation they too receive one of the coveted tattoos. Competition is fierce to determine who gets bragging rights for accumulating the most.

On Halloween, our Pelagic Ecologist Jason Stockwell donned a crazy costume and compared photos of some undersea life to monsters and aliens in movies. Curt Brown, a GMRI research technician and commercial lobsterman, brought in lobster traps and captivated students with a demonstration of how lobsters are caught. Research Associate Nick Record regularly makes a point of presenting to visiting students from his hometown in Central Maine. Research Technician Adam Baukus recently got students excited about gear research with a "choose your own adventure" that challenged students to think like a shrimp approaching a net — would they swim up or down? Another special experience was a guest visit by four scientists who were at GMRI for an international conference on zooplankton ecology. They heard that young students were in the lab, and offered to talk with them about their work and how they became interested in marine science.

These stories are endless and the impacts are profound. Students are interacting with real scientists. Sometimes these are senior scientists whose careers have taken them all over the world. Sometimes they are passionate young scientists just starting out. Whether they share research happening along the coast of Maine or breaking science news, they become exciting career role models for young students.

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