2008 Annual Report
Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Don Perkins, President
President's Message

In New England, the ocean is a precious gift.
By Don Perkins, President

Board Perspectives
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– Holly Sargent

– Thomas S. Hanson

– J.B. sullivan

– Marion Freeman

– Elizabeth Butler

– John N. Kelly

– Suzanne E. Hamlin

– Marjorie Dawson

– Karl Turner

– Joan Smith

– Derek S. Pierce

– Daniel Hildreth

– Henry L. P. Schmelzer

– Roger L. Martin

– Kimberly Gorton

– Peter Vail

– Gerald C. Knecht

– Bill Burke

– C. Anthony McDonald

– Robert H. Suva

– Samuel A. Ladd III
About GMRI

The Gulf of Maine Research Institute is a marine science center serving the Gulf of Maine bioregion through a dynamic fusion of research, education, and community programs. GMRI is a charitable non-profit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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