2008 Annual Report
Gulf of Maine Research Institute
Deepening Our Impact: Science

One of the core values that distinguishes GMRI's science team is a deep commitment to collaboration. We regularly partner with the fishing community, academic and scientific institutions, other nonprofits and government agencies.

One exceptional example of this approach is our longstanding relationship with the University of Maine’s School of Marine Sciences (SMS). As a young, independent science institution, GMRI benefits from working with a highly respected research university, while SMS benefits from an increased presence in southern Maine.

Two of the senior scientist positions at GMRI's lab in Portland are joint appointments with SMS. Having Jeff Runge, Andy Pershing and their respective teams in our lab expands the breadth of scientific disciplines that we can bring to bear on the challenge of taking an ecosystem approach to fisheries. Reciprocally, access to GMRI scientists with applied fisheries focus and strong links to fisheries science and management agencies broadens and deepens the expertise available to SMS. The combination has proven attractive to numerous funding agencies (e.g. National Science Foundation, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and was an important foundation for the participation of SMS and GMRI in the newly created NOAA Cooperative Institute for the North Atlantic Region.

The granting of adjunct and research faculty status to GMRI scientists has enabled us to develop a robust graduate student program in our lab. GMRI scientists supervise SMS graduate students, support their work through grants, and connect them to a broader mix of marine related community and education initiatives. The alternative of working in Portland (vs. Orono) is highly attractive for some graduate students, as is the opportunity to explore applied science.

Both SMS and GMRI look forward to growing the depth and breadth of future joint efforts. We recognize a growing number of opportunities for collaboration as a result of emerging marine spatial planning and ocean wind development initiatives.

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